Friday, 5 May 2017

Birthday girl.

Tomorrow, my little girl turns two. I wrote the following for her christening but I wanted to share it with you. It felt appropriate as this small person, with sapphire blue eyes and really cool hair turns two. Where has the time gone?

To my daughter

This is your Mummy. Yes, the one with the wild ,curly hair and red
Lippy that likes to sing A Windmill in old Amsterdam, that insists on three naps a day and who constantly administers gels and creams to various parts of your anatomy. Yes-The very same.
Now listen carefully little one. The moment I found out you were coming along I loved you. You will never know how much I love you; it's a love that makes my heart ache when you're not with me.
If I have any advice of how to get on in this big, wide world it would be this:
love others and love yourself.
Cherish your family.
Value all of the friends you make along the way. You won't take all
Of them with you but the good ones stand fast.
Take an interest in people whom you meet. You never know what you might learn and the friendships you might gain along the way.
Roll down hills
Enjoy silence.
Breath. Stand on a hill looking out to sea and just breath.
Love all creatures whether great or small.
Don't worry too much about what people think of you. Enjoy being who you are. As you get to know yourself along the way, enjoy it even more.
Hug. A lot.
Always say please and Thankyou.
Listen to things around you. Listen to people. Listen to all kinds of music. Listen to all the different voices in the world.
Look up. We spend so long looking ahead or on the ground or at our phones that we can miss the beauty above us.
Embrace learning whilst your young. Soak the information up like a sponge.
But most of all, be happy.
Never be afraid little one. Mummy & Daddy are here. Always here. The path you choose to take may not always be easy or straight forward but feel safe in the knowledge that you are loved. Very much loved.
Have a happy day little one.

I love you ,
Mummy xx

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